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1861 International Drive offers three levels of onsite parking inside the garage. Visitors of the building should park in the designated visitor parking area located on the P1 level of the parking garage or in any available space not marked as reserved.


  • $13 all day
  • $10 Up to 3 hours
  • $7 Up to 2 hours
  • $4 Up to 1 hour

Effective 11/1/22 1861 International Drive is transitioning to a new Parking Management Company, 12 Oaks Parking. Please verify that your account information has been updated.

Check with your employer to see if you need to set up an individual parking account or if it is covered by your company.

If you are a new individual parker of the building please sign up for your account online at and follow these instructions.

If you already have an individual parking account and would like to set up access to 12 Oaks Parking's online payment system please follow these instructions.

When you set up a monthly parking account at 1861 International Drive either individually or through your employer you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

For any additional questions about our onsite parking please contact our parking management team at