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Concierge Services

Most Popular Services

  • Lunch Meal Delivery Service*
  • Catering
  • All Access Phone App Support*


  • Individual and Group Reservations
  • Recommendations
  • Lunch Meal Delivery Service*
  • Discounts/Perks at Restaurants*

Event Planning

  • Catering
  • Terrace Reservations
  • Florist Arrangements


  • AMC movie yellow tickets: $9.00 / each*

Apparel Services

  • Discounts/Perks at Clothing Retailers*
  • Directions to On-Site Shoe Repair and Dry Cleaners
  • Arrangements for Private Shoppers at Participating Department Stores

Call or Text 703-997-0950 for Concierge Assistance.
*Denotes services/rewards through 'All Access' mobile phone app, with participating retailors/restaurants.

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