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It is the responsibility of each employee to know who their company emergency Floor Warden is, as well as the deputies. They should also be familiar with their respective evacuation plans and the assembly area.


  • All electronically secured doors will automatically unlock.
  • All elevators will automatically go to the designated floor and remain open.
  • The stairwells will pressurize and not allow smoke to enter.
  • The fire alarm will initially sound on the floor where the alarm is initiated, the floors immediately above and below, the stairways and the elevators. If the Fire Department determines that a more extensive emergency exists, the rest of the building will be told to evacuate by the fire system.


  • Remain calm.
  • Follow the evacuation instructions.
  • Listen for instructions and follow them.
  • Close the door of your office as you leave.
  • Keep talking to a minimum.
  • Assist disabled persons in evacuating.
  • Use closest stairwell.
  • Use handrails in stairwells.
  • Exit building through Stairwell A in P2 or Stairwell B on the first floor.
  • In stairwell, watch out for Tysons Corner Center personnel or Fire Department coming up stairwell to handle emergency.
  • Once out of the building, go toward Bloomingdales.


  • Do not go to the elevators.
  • Do not return to the office until the building authority gives "ALL CLEAR".
  • Do not attempt to reset or silence the fire alarm