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Key and Lock Policy

The Access Control System for the office building is computer-operated and remotely monitored. It records all activity as to individually assigned card numbers, times and types of action. It allows for the prompt invalidation of lost or stolen insert cards.

A proximity reader is installed at the main entrance. An emergency call box is located near the entrance if assistance is needed.

Additional cards and keys may be purchased directly through Security at 703-559-3692.


Report lost or stolen keys to the administrator of your firm. Your administrator will notify Property Management and Security via email or AWARE. This will not only protect your system integrity but will also serve as a confirmation.

When you plan to enter the building after-hours, always carry your security key. Should you forget your access card, contact Security at 703-559-3692. Security will verify your information and if appropriate grant access to common areas of the building.

NOTE: Security cannot grant access to your individual floor or office suite.