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AUS provides security assistance at 1861 International Drive and can be contacted at 703-559-3692.

The electronic access system at 1861 International Drive provides two areas of control: General Access Control System which monitors and controls entries into the building and parking garages. Elevator Access Control System which gives individuals access only to the floors on which they work and to which they have been granted access.

The General Access Control System is designed to admit tenants and their guests to the building, while keeping other persons out of the building after the specified building hours.

Many office thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours. Such crimes are usually perpetrated by persons under the pretext of legitimate business, such as workmen, office equipment repairmen, or visitors.

Office personnel should be alert to unauthorized individuals in the building and take precautionary steps to help reduce the opportunity for criminal activity. Crime can be reduced with the cooperation and assistance of everyone; security, to a great extent, depends on the cooperation of each individual.