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Tenant Suite Modifications

Following occupancy of a finished office, Tenants often need to make modifications within their suite due to changing equipment needs, staff changes, or other reasons.

As indicated by Lease, all modifications are to be reviewed by and approved by the Landlord in writing, prior to the commencement of any modification work.

In accordance with your Lease Agreement, the Landlord must approve, prior to commencing work, any modifications or improvements to your suite in writing. Complete plans showing proposed modifications will need to be submitted to Landlord for review (partition, plumbing, mechanical, electrical- as needed). Additionally, we require the following:

  1. A letter of request from you to perform work in the Premises submitted in form Attachment A and directed to Tysons Comer Property LLC c/o Tysons Comer Center.
  2. Two copies of the approved construction drawings signed by the authorized Tenant representative clearly detailing the scope of work including mechanical and electrical requirements are to be directed to Tysons Comer Property LLC c/o Tysons Comer Center.
  3. A letter of request from your contractor and subcontractor to perform work in the Premises submitted in form Attachment B and directed to Tysons Comer Property LLC c/o Tysons Comer Center.
  4. A Certificate of Insurance from your contractor with Excess Liability of $5,000,000.00 specifically naming Tysons Comer Property LLC as additional named insureds, and Declaration Page and Endorsement Page.
  5. One copy of the Non-Residential Use Permit.
  6. The construction date, the estimated completion date, a copy of the contract and the name of the contractor's site supervisor.
  7. The Tenant shall furnish Property Management with the wall covering manufacturer's certified flame spread data for all wall coverings installed within the Premises within ten (10) days of commencement of construction.
  8. Air balance reports.

Please note that the Tenant and the Tenant's contractor are responsible for the following:

  1. Providing protection of all existing building finishes including but not limited to driveways, sidewalks, lobby, elevators, corridors and carpet.
  2. Clean-up and removal of debris from the building.
  3. Only Property Management's approved electricians shall be permitted to perform work on the fire alarm system.
  4. Coordinating all inspections with the appropriate authorities.
  5. Forwarding one copy of the Non-Residential Use Permit to Property Management when the final inspections are completed.
  6. There will be a Security Deposit of $5,000.00 on major tenant modifications.

The cost to repair any damages caused by the Tenant or his contractor shall be solely the responsibility of the Tenant.

Should the Tenant or the Tenant's contractor perform any work that requires the Building’s Engineer to be on duty during non-standard working hours, the Tenant will be billed at an hourly overtime rate with a minimum charge of four (4) hours plus administrative costs unless determined otherwise in the lease agreement.

Please contact us when you have scheduled your move so that we can arrange for an Engineer to be present and prepare the elevator for you.

If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding these building procedures, please feel free to call the Property Management Office a t703-942-6650.

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